My 21st Century Classroom

Welcome to my 21st century classroom


Here is a Short video about something I believe in education.

My Room and How It Will Look

I have also made a graphic representation of what my future classroom may look like.  However the model I was using seem to have some proportions that seem a little off from what they will actually be in the future things will take up less room than what they do now. That being said I hope to be able to have more usable computers in the room and if not hopefully there will be a computer lab.

         This Will be a very close thing to what my classroom will look like.  A few things to notice is the television behind the teacher's desk.  It will be on wheels so i can move it to the front of the classroom if i need to show them something on the television but most videos if I play any will be played on my computer and shown through the projector.  I will try to spend time in the classroom near the center of the circle rug so that way if there are students that need me for something I can be real close by and in the middle of all of the students.  Some days we will get to use the computers be it for doing homework online or playing math related games or somewhat of a group project.

         I have my students close to encourage collaboration between the students if they need to talk to one another.  Accessibility is another that I stress with having anything I need in the classroom for just about any type of occasion and different types of work.  The communication in the classroom should be very good because for a portion of the class I will be in the center of all of my students and any notes that will be taken will be able to be seen be all of the students.

Rituals and Routines

           One of the first things to happen every day will be a bell ringer that has a problem from what was taught the previous day so that I can know what the students are having problems understanding.  Which will help improve my student centered learning because I will know what is needed to help the students to become better.  I will also have a routine for test taking which will help the authentic assessment by having the desks moved so that way what everyone does is their own work instead of someone else's.  

Instructional Glimpse

         During the time of teaching I plan to use different ways to teach things by using things on the computers and different types of things on powerpoint.  One of the areas that I know will be covered is the order of operations.  I plan to teach the students Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to help to figure out what they need to do first and then hopefully it will get them to the points the need that they can do order of operations very easy.

Technology Integration

        In my class it may be difficult to use a lot of technology, but it will be there in different ways.  I plan on making interactive types of power points for my students to use in and out of class to give them help when they need it.  I will hopefully be able to find different programs online that will be able to be used to get possible homework assignments for the students.  I will also have a separate email available to the students so that I can answer questions they have on the homework if they have them outside of class.


      My PLN is already started on twitter and I will hopefully continue to expand upon it to help improve my class so that I can be the best teacher that I can be.  I will from other teachers and possibly even learn from some students so that I can make the class to help others.

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