Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I Believe

I believe that teaching should be more about the students than the teacher.

In the past I had a teacher that hardly even care about the students.  If they passed or failed it made no difference to them.  They did not really open themselves up to helping their students when they needed it.  whenever a student asked the teacher a question they said i taught you that look in your notes or something along the lines of figure it out yourself i'm too busy for you and wish not to be disturbed.  This obviously had no care for the students and to the teacher it was a job and they got paid for it no one said they had to do a good job and try to put in an effort to make everyone pass the classes they were teaching.

People that teach should show their students the way to a better future even if they have something that they're doing they should be able to put it down fairly easy and help the student be a question to help them understand something better.  Sometime they get a question that has something to do with the general subject but a little more advance the teacher should answer the question giving to them as best as they can.  The teacher needs to be able to put time aside from their lives and the things that they want to do to help shape the students so they can do things later in life to the best of their abilities.

Teaching is all about the students because they are the next generation.  They will become the next group of job workers but if they are not properly educated than many disasters will happen in the world.  Most of them could be prevented if The Teachers take the time to be there for the students.

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