Thursday, February 23, 2012

PowerPoint Project

The powerpoint project was a great way to figure out what sorts of different things that you could do on powerpoint in education just by exploring.  You also got to see what some of the other students did which benefits you to so that you may even know more ways than what you had originally come up with. 
I did my powerpoint on orders of operations and i found it to be a long tideous project for certain things. It was truly fun though. The way that I used it wass to start out with a guided practice to have them go through each individual step in the problem by what goes first then that equals what ever it is then kept repeating that. Then after that it went on to an independent practice just by having the questions and their final answers.

I did not struggle with too many things but they way that i had to transfer it was not through a flashdrive. The way I did it was to attach it in an email which took a little bit longer.

I learned a great deal about the new powerpoint some of what I learned I had forgoten from earlier uses. I remembered about certain things that you can do with the animations in their timing.  It was a good learning experience for most of us I think.

Here is my powerpoint if feel like looking.

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