Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This was my actual first blog

Ok so this is my very first blog that I have every made in my life so I'm not really sure what to write about.   Anyway just a little bit of background about myself my name is Marshall and i went to Seneca High School and i participated in the marching band and theatre.  Now it's my second semester of college and I think I'm going to like it because none of my professors seem all that bad or too mean and I can understand what the most of them are saying which was a problem last semester because I had a professor  with an accent.  Anyway I think that there is always room improvement for everyone including myself and that every one can learn something new everyday even if it is not to important in your future.  I think that my SEDU class will be lots of fun with all of the other students and the fact that we use more technology to try and stay involved in the class which is how most classes in the future will probably be.  But that is all for today i wonder what i will write about next.

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